According to an article in the CanadianLawyerMagazine, Law firms are a key target for hackers, as tech experts say. Lawyers keep sensitive client information that can be of value to not just criminals but to other nations as well.

As there is said, during the takeover bid of Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, hackers launched an attack on Canadian government computers and, also, cracked the systems of several law firms to gain information on the $38-billion takeover. As there is described it’s a sophisticated attack using a type of malware not seen before. But often, say those who work in the field, the firms have no knowledge that they’ve been accessed.

Besides, lawyers may need to keep some files for an indefinite period especially concerning clients’ wills or estates documents. For example, criminal files generally must be kept for some years as well as financial records. Also, for effective practice lawyers have to retain records and valuable data as a result of deep research and finding useful information.



The best solution here is to be proactive and to prevent such sort of situation when valuable data can be lost, to choose the approach of the security and high protection. That means to back up valuable data regularly and to have a disaster recovery system against malware, to update OS and Antivirus signature database, secured network access and business communication.

Security and protection of lawyers’ data include protections clients’ information as cases in court; private clients’ information especially SIN, credit cards; witnesses’ information and defense strategy and many others. IT services help exactly with that sort of issues for businesses. The success of law firms will increase after using supportive IT solutions for protection database and secured working with data.

Downtime Illustration Example:
File server failure at a 20-user law firm

No access to the documents for 8 hours

The firm partners’ and associates’ utilization rate = 70% (billable time)

During this failure, they work at 30% of the normal productivity level

Service provider begins remediation two hours after failure

Legal partners (4) bill themselves out at $250/hr

–        Utilization rate 70%, effective billing rate is $175/hr

Associates (10) bill themselves out at $140/hr

–        Effective billing rate = $98/hr

Downtime Incident Cost Calculations:

–        6 hrs of technician time to fix the server (6%):

–        4 partners’ lost billing at 30% utilization (39%):

–        10 associates’ lost billing at 30% utilization (55%):











For the protection of clients personal sensitive Information, we offer to law firms IT services with the following benefits:

  • Network security – that supports secured communication with your clients via email based on users access and personal passwords, the own company protection against unauthorized outside access and firewall protection
  • Backup strategy – full computer backup from malware and also regularly daily backups to save your newly added information, disaster recovery solution to restore your business sensitive data after hack attacks
  • Antivirus protection – maintenance and daily monitoring virus signature database for virus protection of your business data
  • OS updates – daily update your operation system against new cyber threats
  • IT consulting – leveraging expertise of setting high IT performance of your business


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