Have you been experiencing any IT issues with your computers?

 If you are looking for professionals you can trust to support your computer network, prevent and solve any IT issues with your computers while you are working, we take this routine task of your shoulders!

To learn more, please give us a call at 604-477-0455 or send us an email at info@arinatech.com

1. Fully Managed IT Services:

  • one monthly fee for total IT support
  • true IT partnership
  • comprehensive solution to manage devices, network, users, desktops, security and data online 24/7
  • emergency rapid response and after hours availability
  • support plan that is tailored to customer needs
  • technical report on threats and vulnerabilities (after FREE Trial Period)

3. Antivirus and firewall protection:

  • full layered security solution to help protect your business before, during, and after cyber attacks
  • antivirus and malware protection
  • configurable two-way firewalls
  • spam and virus mail filtering
  • vulnerability scanning and remediation

5. Network Security:

  • unlimited network support (LAN,WAN,VPN)
  • monitoring devices and applications for performance, predictive failure and trending
  • asset and warranty management and control

7. Service Desk:

  • unlimited remote network support
  • technician dispatching
  • unlimited emergency support
  • unlimited end-user helpdesk

2. Backup data centre and disaster recovery solution

  • full computer backup to protect your intellectual assets from malware
  • regularly daily backups to save your newly added information.
  • disaster recovery solution to restore your business sensitive data after hack attacks and unauthorized access to your data.

4. Operation System updates:

  • we monitor and keep your Operation System (Mac, Linux, & Windows) updated with the latest patches 
  • we download all updates for your IT needs
  • we do not interrupt your daily business activity (updates are to be done of business hours)

6.  VoIP solution & Web Conferencing:

  • boost your company's sales and increase staff productivity 
  • reduce the number of fixed telephone lines
  • save on call cost by lowering mobile & customer services number bills
  • save time and money by hosting your meetings online  


8. IT consulting:

  • we provide customer tailor-made IT services to help you in achieving your business objective
  • we become your IT advisor in solving different issues of your business

We protect your business with Security, Network and Software!