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Maximize virtual machine density per physical server.

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Once you virtualize your IT infrastructure, many applications run on each physical server, so it becomes a many-to-one relationship. So the cost-per-server comparisons no longer make sense. A much more accurate metric is cost-per-application because you want to know how much it costs to run the entire set of applications required to maintain business operations.

Arina IT Support provides virtualization on platforms such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Open Source.

Benefits of Virtualization


When you’re launching a new service for your business, it can be hard to predict what pieces of the application will need more resources than you originally gave them, and which will need less. The server virtualization makes it flexible as never before. We can change the amount of memory, the number of CPUs and the amount of disk space a server has quickly, easily and remotely.


Because it is based on SAN for most of storage, we can move virtual servers between pieces of physical hardware. So if we found performance bottleneck on one of the physical servers, we can quickly bring up the virtual servers it hosted on another virtual server set, or freeing hardware resources and move virtual servers in between hardware sets.

System virtualization
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Resource Utilization

The CPUs today are incredibly fast and more powerful than most applications need. Similarly, RAM has become cheap enough that a server with 16 or even 32 gigabytes of RAM is not unusual or expensive. Running a simple web server on such a system would be a waste of CPU and memory, and therefore a waste of electricity. If you run several virtual servers on such a system, however, you will get the maximum return on your investment by making sure you’re fully utilizing all of the CPUs and all of the RAM.


Co-location is expensive, and electricity certainly isn’t getting any cheaper. Using virtualization means we can get the absolute greatest value out of the rack space and electricity we’re paying for.

Just a few years ago we would have needed scores of physical servers consuming thousands and thousands of watts of power to do the work we’re able to do in this relatively modest environment. With the server virtualization when many servers run on your hardware you can save hundreds of dollars.

Density matters in a many-to-one relationship.

Benefits of Virtualization

  • Lowered hardware costs
  • Lowered energy costs
  • Reduced data loss
  • Enhanced security
  • Increased redundancy
  • Increased efficiency

Visualization Services

  • Current infrastructure analysis
  • Virtualization project plan
  • Hardware / software procurement and deployment
  • Physical to virtual migration
  • Data back-up and restore

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